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The New Salem At & Sign Co. or, NewSalemArt.com is a Full Service Art and Sign company that can provide you, your business, organization or groups with a "Graphic-ID" that will get your company's name, message or products NOTICED!

Since it is commonly accepted that you only get one chance to make a "First Impression" shouldn't your Signs, Business Cards and Website do that job for you? That's where YOU can tap into over 35 years of OUR creative design experience, in nearly every form of advertising you'll need to give your image the best representation it deserves.

Browse our website and see if using our services and vast experience will not only help get your customers attention easier and help keep it there but also work for you to "Brand" your business ID ahead of your competition as well.

REMEMBER: "A Good Sign Doesn't COST You Money...It MAKES You Money"

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